The benefits of marriage counseling

The benefits of marriage counseling

Marriage counseling can make a world of difference.

My boyfriend and I are engaged now and we have been reading a book called “Sacred Marriage.” This book was recommended by a marriage counselor at our church and it is very interesting. The main theme of the book is that marriage is designed to make us holy, not happy.

What an interesting concept this is, but it really does make sense. If we set out to make each other happy in our marriage, we will consistently fail. If we set out to find our happiness from God, we will be able to achieve that if we try. Marriage is not an easy task by any means. This will be my second marriage, and I have already learned so much simply by attending marriage counseling.

We are seeing a marriage counselor at our church, and he is trying to help us realize what marriage is all about. I highly recommend this type of counseling for all married couples or couples that are planning on getting married soon. This is one way to learn what marriage is really about and how to make it work.

My boyfriend and I have been talking a lot about the things we have learned so far, and we both agree on one thing: If we always put God first in our relationship and always aim to do the will of God, our marriage will be successful. Everything else will fall into place. The key is for both of us to keep our eyes on the goal. If we follow God and trust him, we can have a very fulfilling and successful marriage.