Love and Respect

Love and Respect

More tips on how to have a great marriage.

Having a wonderful marriage takes work. Lately I have been writing about various aspects of marriage and what God expects from each person. This week I have been studying the aspect of honoring your spouse. Have you ever really understood how to honor your spouse?

Honoring your spouse is about love and respect. It is something that must be done in order for each person to feel happy and safe in a marriage. Honoring your spouse is an action. It is not a passive event and if honor is not shown to the other person, then it does not exist properly.

One of the main ways to honor your spouse is to put their feelings before your own. This means that you should constantly be looking at the way they feel and trying to understand it. It is a matter of love and respect. If you love your spouse, you will respect your spouse.

With these two things also comes honoring your spouse. By looking at the needs of your spouse, you will better understand your spouse. Your spouse will begin to feel that his needs are important to you and this will make your spouse want to give back to you.

Loving and respecting someone that is so different than yourself is not something that you should expect to come naturally. It takes work. There is no good marriage out there that does not need work. If your spouse is unwilling to honor and respect you, he may someday change. God wants you to do your part and that is all you can do. Pray for your spouse that God would reveal this to him and you may see a change.