Manna from Heaven

Manna from Heaven

Relying on God to supply my daily needs is the best decision to make.

As a freelance writer, there are times in my career where it seems like I do not have enough work to do. It is like a feast or famine and this can be frustrating and overwhelming. Last week I began to think about this and decided to try something new.

My new philosophy is to wake up each morning and ask God to provide me with just enough work for that day. I want to stop worrying about tomorrow and next week and that is why I am now relying on God to supply just enough for the day. So far, God has been faithful to my request.

As I was praying about this and thinking about it, I was reminded of a popular story in the Bible about Moses and the people of Israel. While they were wandering in the wilderness, they were hungry because they had no food to eat. Moses and Aaron prayed to God asking him why he would send them to die in the wilderness.

God responded by saying, I will provide you with food. God gave them specific instructions to go along with this too. God offered manna from the sky each day. They were instructed to take only enough for one day, except on the sixth day which was the day they were allowed to take enough food for two days.

This is a really neat story if you think about it. God provided them food each day. If they were greedy and took extra, the food would rot. This taught them to trust in God each day to meet their needs. God was faithful and never let them starve.

I really think that this correlates well with my decision to let God provide me with enough work just for today. I need to allow him to be in control and I need to trust him. When I finish each day with plenty of work for the day, God will be the one receiving the praise for this.