N.C. Pastor Fired for Not Believing in Hell

N.C. Pastor Fired for Not Believing in Hell

Item from the Associated Press -- "Pastor Chad Holtz ministered to a congregation in Oxford, North Carolina until he stated that he no longer believed in hell in a blog post to the church website. Holtz told his story to the AP" See the video.

I saw this item on the net and the first thing I thought of was humor


Who love Hell so much that they would give their pastor the boot for saying, in so many words: 'None of you are going to Hell."?

Now the ex-pastor could have made his announcement with the good news / bad news thing.

Good news: There ain't no hell!

Bad news: No body who you hate is going to hell.

Well, it is a little hard for me to see why anybody could get mad at their pastor for telling them that hell is a bogus idea.

Unless? The news of the non-existence of Hell struck the members of the church so hard that they were stun, then they got disappointed, then they got mad.

I mean who doesn't hate to get up on a Sunday morning, when they feel like an extra hour of sleep? Maybe a bunch of those folks got mad because they thought of all those years they gave up an extra hour of sleep, for one reason only. They were afraid not too. Afraid that if they didn't get up on a Sunday morning, and head off to church, no matter what, no matter the rain, the sleet, the snow. If they weren't as faithful as a postman doing his round, and if they had missed one Sunday, they would wind up in Hell. And now the preacher told them that there is no Hell? Lordy, he's lucky all they did was fire him.