Want to Play Around with Rapture Day?

Want to Play Around with Rapture Day?

Many of us are left going, “WTF?” when it comes to this May 21 Rapture Day business. I only recently heard about it myself (via Facebook; where else?) and it seems as if people are confused about where it actually stems from. Some claim that it is stated plainly in the Bible; others say that it’s not in the Bible at all, and that it’s the result of some guy who says he figured out the date with an equation, and then spent all of his money broadcasting his equation and the whole Rapture Day thing in New York.

Believers say that a massive earthquake will strike the earth, sending all believers into Heaven, leaving all non-believers behind to suffer until the world officially ends six months later, on October 21. They also say that Friday is the last day to save yourself, so if you think the world is going to be hit tomorrow, you’d better get your Bible out today. (This is just so weird; who comes up with these rules, anyway? It’s like they keep adding them as they go along. Reminds me of the whole Prop 8 thing.)

Most people are going about their lives as usual, not buying into the hype. I haven’t heard it covered by any media, and most of what I’ve read is from religious websites. Though I am not a Christian, my Christian friends still aren’t buying into this day, either. Most say that the Bible says that when God comes, it will be a big surprise, like a “thief in the night,” not a foretold date.

You have to wonder about people who flip out over stuff like this, or comets, or Y2K, or whatever the big fear of the year is; how do they cope after, and do they feel embarrassed when they’re wrong?

These non-believers are having some fun with the so-called Rapture Day, however. There is an event on Facebook, for example, people can sign up for called “Post-Rapture Looting.” It involves stealing stereos and getting in on all of whatever is left over after the rapture and it has over half a million people signed up for it.

Then again, you could do something even sillier by engaging in this Rapture Day prank: arrange some of your outfits and shoes all over the place—on sidewalks, in yards, wherever—as if you’ve already ascended. Lucky you!

What’s really awful is that after we survive this big scare, we have next year, 2012, to contend with. Like many people are saying, humans just seem to be obsessed with our own demise; perhaps that’s why there are so many SUVs and zombie movies.

So what are your plans for Rapture Day? We’re going to a wedding, and I’m going to try to get some work in as well. Just about every person I know is going about business as usual; I don’t know anyone who is preparing to ascend or whatever, but you never know. Maybe they’re just not being vocal about it.

What are you doing on May 21 this year? If you believe in Rapture Day, maybe you could post about that, and why you believe in it, and what evidence there is to support it. If you don’t and you’re planning on a few pranks like the ones above, share those too.