The way we treat others

The way we treat others

Try getting to know someone before you judge them.

It can be very hard to treat everyone we come into contact with the way that we should. People can be irritating, and we all tend to be judgmental, to some extent, with the people that we meet. Is this really the way God wants us to be? I doubt it, yet it takes a lot of effort to change our ways.

As people, we are all the same, yet we are all different. Almost all of us look similar; I mean we all have bodies, heads and arms. Just because of this though, does not mean that we are all alike. We all think independently and we all come from different nationalities and background. We all have DNA, yet every person’s DNA is different. Because of all these things, people are different than us. It can be hard to accept this, especially because most of think that our ways are the best and right ways for everything.

We tend to judge others that are different than us, and I do not believe that this is the way God intended us to be. God does not do this to us, but instead, he looks at our hearts. How many times do we try to see a person’s heart before judging their choices and decisions in life? 

I realize that no one can see in another person’s heart, but we can often see a little glimpse of the person’s heart by looking into their life and lifestyle. Before judging someone, try to remember that God created that person and that just because that person is different than you, it doesn’t mean that their ways are wrong.