Will Jesus Christ's Second Coming Be On Facebook?

Will Jesus Christ's Second Coming Be On Facebook?

Be Wary of False Jesus Sightings

The revolution may not be televised, but Jesus Christ’s Second Coming just might be Tweeted. According to official Evangelical Bigwig Rev. Franklin Graham, son to everyone’s favorite Evangelical Billy Graham, people could take pictures of Christ and upload the pics to the World Wide Web when the Apocalypse arrives.


The Reverend Graham believes that the Apocalypse and Christ’s Second Coming will happen any day now, and that as the Bible predicts, the World at Large will be aware of Christ’s return to Earth. Since the Reverend Graham is a thinking man, he took some time to ponder how exactly the general public would be informed of Christ’s return to our little planet. He figured that social networking was the best bet to inform the surviving masses of Christ’s comeback. Specifically, Reverend Graham mentioned the iPhone and You-Tube as possible vehicles for interested parties to let their friends and family know that Christ was back on Earth.


If indeed the Second Coming of Christ is upon us, I expect a few False Christ sightings to pop up on You-Tube and Facebook in the near future. Let’s face it; not that many guys are wearing long robes these days, but beards have sort of come back in style and it would be much easier to impersonate Jesus Christ than it would be to impersonate Elvis, for example.


Because of global warming, there have been more natural disasters lately and the middle east is rife with strife, so I’m guessing that more and more Evangelical Christians are going to be predicting doom and gloom in the coming months. Just be wary of any false Jesus reports or videos and you should be fine.