June 2010

The Three Christs Study: Strange, but True

What happens when three Jesus’ (or men who believe themselves to be Jesus) meet in a mental hospital? It sounds like a bad joke, but in the 1960, one exceedingly curious and interesting psychologist actually performed an experiment in which three mental patients who all believed that they were Jesus Christ were forced to live together in the Ypsilanti State Hospital. The intention was to see if their beliefs about their identities would hold up after time.

All the Asians and Africans in Hell

So I had another enlightening conversation with a follower of the Lord (Jesus). He's a good friend of mine and we often engage in healthy theological debate. So I had a nagging question (several hundred actually). I asked him if he believes that only those who believe in Jesus and God go to Heaven. He quickly said yes. So I asked another setup question: if a man, let's say a Buddhist, coincidentally lived his life within the moral rules of Christianity, obeyed the Ten Commandments, all that good stuff, would he go to Heaven? The answer quickly came back, No. He did not accept Jesus as his lord and savior. Alright, at least he understands his rule set.  So I asked the nagging question:

R.I.P. Touchdown Jesus

It was a spectacular lightning show, but not a victimless one. The Butler County landmark, known as Touchdown Jesus was struck by lightning last night burning the statue down to it's metal skeleton. It's a tragic loss for the Solid Rock Church, but they vow to rebuild this monstrous monument to Jesus Worship.

A passage from the Bible came to my mind when I saw this bit of news. It's from good ole Leviticus 26:1-- You shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither raise you up a standing image, neither shall you set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down to it: for I am the LORD your God.

Maybe this is some kind of message or something....

OR maybe this is god's way of saying: Build a taller one!!

Pope Begs for Forgiveness

Today, in Rome at a Mass, Pope  Benedict XVI of the Roman Catholic Church again publicly apologized for the widespread sex abuse scandal, and begged for forgiveness. His victims are saying that these acts of begging are not enough. He does promise to do everything possible to assure that such abuse will never happen again. See the video.